Advertising Techniques for Hair Product Sales

Are you one of those women or advertisers who have a relaxer or curly perm right now and are considering going natural? If you are like me, you will want to learn about hairstyles for ethnic hair and how to make the right choice to go natural. If you decide to go natural, you should be prepared for the following:

State of Your Hair: First and foremost, your natural hair is considered healthy only for the fact that you are not using chemicals in it. When I say “chemical-free hair,” I mean hair that does not have a relaxer in it, curly perm chemicals or dyes in it.

Maintenance: Natural black hair (unless you wear it in a short afro or braids) is going to require far more support. If advertisers choose to wear your natural hair in non-braided styles such as putting the hair into twists, braiding the hair and then removing the braids in a braid-out fashion, this will require a lot of time because the style does not last very long (approximately four days if you’re lucky). Plus, there is the added time spent twisting and braiding the hair every fourth day to maintain your curly style.

Products and Procedures: Natural black hair tends to look short because of its texture and linkability. Various products and procedures have been developed that allow marketers to utilize the natural curl we women of color were born with. There are two methods used. Silkening Procedure: Silkening procedures performed at Miss Jessie’s salons in New York stretch the natural kink or wave in our hair, making it look longer and more like a curly perm. If marketing and advertising personnel choose to have the silkening procedure done at ethnic hair salons near me , they must be warned that the silkening method involves using a chemical. The process consists of using a chemical technique that relaxes some of the tightness in your hair without making it bone straight, thus, allowing us to use the natural curl God gave us, and prevent the hair from shrinking back to its original state when coming in contact with water or humidity. The process lasts about three months. You will be able to maintain your elongated curls a lot longer when this is accomplished. Your hair will have the look and feel of a curly perm.

Products: On the other hand, if advertising personnel want to use hair products like Miss Jessie’s Hair Pudding and creams to achieve this result, which stretches out your natural curl, your style will last only for a few days. When you wash your hair, you will be washing the product out, and your elongated coils will kink up and shrink again. After washing, you would have to re-apply the creams and puddings all over again and braid or twist the hair to maintain your style.