How To Change The Gas Tank On Your Gas Grill In Your Advertising Offices

The gas grill is a very important household appliance especially for those who are fond of cooking outdoors as well as those who are fond of braais which are popular here in South Africa. When we buy our own gas grills, of course, the first thing we must make sure of is that we know how to use it. We would also need some information regarding how to take care of it properly.

Aside from that, it may also help if we have a nice number of recipes that are best cooked on gas barbecue grills. And then, after that, we must make sure that we always have spare materials for cooking in case of an emergency visit by our college friends. All of these are prepared and you know you are prepared but what happens when you’re about to cook and find out it doesn’t turn on?

And then you find out that it does not turn on not because your gas barbecue grill needs repair or anything but because you have already run out of gas? In that case, you have to buy another propane tank and replace the old one. Propane tanks are easy to find and are available almost everywhere but the question is, how will you replace it? Don’t fret; it’s actually quite easy, trust me.

First step, remove the empty propane tank

Before you remove the empty gas or propane tank, make sure you turn the gas supply off. You do this by turning the valve screw located on top of the gas tank clockwise. Then, check as to what type of connection the tank has. There are two possible connections, internal and external. When the gas line is connected to the tank inside of the gas valve, then you have an internal connection. If the gas line is connected to the tank outside the gas valve, then what you have is an external connection.

If you have an internal connection which has a hex nut that connects the gas line into the valve opening, you may need a wrench for connecting and removing the said nut. On the other hand, if you have an external connection, it will have a Marshall acme nut. This type of nut can be easily removed by hand and does not require any tools.

Next, lift the propane tank off the grill platform and replace the new tank. The following step will tell you how. Last step, attach the new propane tank

Once you have lifted the old empty propane grill tank off the grill platform, place the new propane tank on the same platform. Place it with the valve opening facing the gas line of the grill. Afterwards, connect the gas line to the valve opening. If you have an internal connection, connect it using a counter-clockwise motion. On the other hand, if you have an external connection, connect using a clockwise motion.

After doing this, test your connection by applying soap solution to the valve connection. Apply said solution using a small brush while slowly opening the cylinder valve. If no bubbles form then your tank has been safely connected. You can buy a soap solution from the store or you can make one at home. To make one, mix equal parts of water and dish washing liquid. You should always test your connection because a bad connection may result to explosion.

Additional tips that advertisers need to maintain their gas tanks

You need not buy a new propane grill tank. You can bring your old propane tank to your local hardware store and either have it exchanged with a new one or have it filled with more LPG or liquefied petroleum gas. If you are going to have it exchanged, check the tank fully for any leak or damage before leaving the store. Also, if you are going to buy a new tank altogether; do not dispose your propane tank without the help of a qualified propane personnel.

Never smoke or handle (play with?) fire if you are working with your propane grill tank. It may result to explosion. In addition, to reiterate what was stated above, before you work with your propane grill tank, make sure the gas connection as well as all the grill burners and all controls are turned off.

Always store propane grill tanks in a vertical position and in a place out of children’s reach. This means outdoors. Never store a propane tank inside the house. As much as possible, store unused propane tanks far from your gas grill or any place that uses heat and flame .Check online for  the afrox 19kg price and enjoy cooking outdoors.